2 cyclones strike Australia!

2-cyclones-strike-AustraliaToday, 2 cyclones hit Australia.
One of them is cyclone Lam which is a category 4 that has hit the Northern Territory.
The other one is cyclone Marcia which is a category 5 that has hit Queensland!
Apparently the wind gusts at the core of this cyclone is around 280kph!

Fortunately it isn’t going to hit our house directly on the Gold Coast, but the weather is still extremely windy and rainy.

The tournament I am currently playing, the QLD PGA Championship is currently suspended due to extreme weather!
My 12.30pm tee time got pushed back to 3.30pm, so it looks like I will be playing early morning tomorrow…

My thoughts go out to the people who have to evacuate from this devastating storm. Hopefully there are no life threatening accidents!