Travel time!

I am currently on my way to the next tournament venue.
It is an approximately 130km drive, so about 2 hours.
Hopefully we don’t get stuck in heavy traffic!

Also yesterday afternoon we found a coin laundry place so we decided to wash a weeks worth at once.
I hadn’t realised how much clothes I had worn in the past week….

Now that everything is all set, I can completely focus on my golf!

Cart battery

While I was driving to the golf course, my golf cart stopped! I had to push the cart all the way to the club house on my own..
I called the repair people to replace my cart batteries, only to find out that my batteries have been leaking battery acid!!!
He said they could have blown up anytime, so I was really lucky!!

Afterwards, he cleaned everything up and replaced the batteries, which is working like its brand new again!


Cracked Windscreen!!!!

Today while I was driving on the highway, a rock had hit my front windscreen and made a loud bang.
Luckily it didn’t crack while I was driving, however, after I returned from golf there was a big crack down the middle!!!
I’ll have to get it repaired as soon as possible…



DrivingToday I drove for an hour to Brookwater golf club, which is where next week’s QLD Open will be played!

I was on the highway for most of the trip , so I had to be careful not to go over the speed limit!

Also on my way there, a Lamborghini rocketed past me, and as much as I wanted to floor the accelerator, I just stuck to my own pace.

Golf cart stopped…

Today while I was driving home in my golf cart, it ran out of battery!

To get to my house I needed to cross over a big bridge, but just as I drove up, it stopped moving…
It would’ve been ok if I had gotten over the bridge, however, it stopped 2 meters shy of clearing it…

So I had to push my cart from a more flatter route to get home!

I never knew golf carts were so heavy, and I guess that’s enough leg training for today…haha..