Scoring practice

The weather has been so good on the Gold Coast recently and here’s a photo of me playing on course!

My scoring is getting more consistent by the day, and I can’t wait to get back to playing events again!


A few days ago on my way to the golf course I drove past this dead dolphin!!
It was so big, probably over 2 meters.
I had seen dolphins in local waters while on the jet skis, but never one so close…
It looks like it had a rough time with scrapes from all the rocks in the area.

Soon after apparently some Seaworld researchers came to take it away!

Playing with professionals

Recently I’ve been spending a lot of time on course playing with many tour professionals who live locally.
We have been playing a lot of competitive rounds, gathering 8-12 good players and seeing who can shoot the lowest scores consistently.
It is the best way to prepare each other for the upcoming events!!

I think my game has already improved drastically just by doing these rounds with them!!
We’re doing these games once or twice a week, so hopefully my game keeps improving at this steady rate!!

New friend!

Made a new friend at the golf course today!!
I was practicing my short game and this little guy decided to land on my finger and stay there for about 5 minutes…
I think he brought me luck because when I went and played on course afterwards, I had a slam dunk eagle from 80 yards!!

Sort of hoping he would come back when I’m playing a tournament…

Mini pineapple…..

Over the years we’ve been growing pineapples at our house, but this has got to be the smallest “full grown” one I’ve seen!!
It was ripe and tasted really sweet as well…but I’m not too sure what happened to its size….