My dog had “ぎっくり-こし”…

Today after practice I took my dogs for a walk on the golf course.
When they were sitting, I was able to take this photograph!
Maybe photography should be my profession..

However, the dog on the right (Crème) was unable to walk until yesterday because he hurt his lower spine.
A few days ago, while he was running, he suddenly collapsed and started yelping.
We immediately took him to the Vet and they said he got a “ぎっくり-こし”!!
I didn’t know dogs can get it as well…but he did seem to be in a lot of pain!
Fortunately now he is slowly recovering and can walk + jump with ease!!


No bed for me!

No bed for meThis is what happens to my bed just before I go to sleep most times!

I think its more of their bed than mine…

They also keep growling at me when I try to move them, so I’m always sleeping on the edge!


AceI own two dogs named Ace and Crème.

This one is Ace.  He always sleeps with his belly up and I can’t stop laughing at him every time it see him sleeping!

Strange dog isn’t he?