Yesterday I went to Miura Giken, and met the Chairman and President, who had been looking after me previously!
I was able to talk to him about my 2 iron design to replace my hybrid, and even had the opportunity to watch him make my next wedges!
I believe the irons that he makes are the best in the world!
There is no doubt to why pro golfers around the world knows him as “Gods Hand”.
I can’t thank him enough for always making my amazing irons!
I am truly lucky to be able to use clubs that Mr Miura (Gods Hand) has made for me!



Posture change

Currently I am working hard to changing a few areas in my golf swing.
My first priority is to fix my body getting too forward at my set up, which was preventing me to load up on my left side on the back swing.

I am also working on fixing my club face and path control through impact to get more accuracy throughout my entire long game!!


New Ironsem!!!!!!!

My new Apex MB Irons arrived today!!!
The head looks so good when you set up, and most of all, for a muscle-back iron it is fairly easy to hit!

I can’t wait to use it in practice and on course tomorrow!
Thank you so much Callaway for always sending me the best equipment, and hopefully I can bring out some great results with these clubs!!


Grip change!

Grip-changeIn preparation to the Australian tour that starts next month, I changed every grip on my clubs (except putter) into a brand new one!

I will have to practice with these new grips so it can adjust and mould into the shape of my hands!

Now I can also practice a lot without worrying about making a hole in my grips!!

New putter!

New-putterMy new putter has arrived today.

I am so excited to use it right away!

My putting is going to be awesome now!

Time to get my putting prepared for February,
when the Australian tour starts!