A while back I posted about eating the South African snack “biltong” and how good it is.
Today a friend showed me how they make biltong and it was really interesting!
They use a special type of beef, hang it like a coat inside a massive dryer (for biltong?) for about a week!
Once it is done, the meat becomes very hard so they use a slicer to cut it up!

The amazing thing about this food is not only the fact that it tastes good and has no preservatives, but it doesn’t mould as long as you keep it in a paper bag that absorbs the moisture!
I am not sure if they have this in Japan but it is getting bigger in Australia. Definitely worth a try if you have the chance!


Ramen at my home club?!

Recently there has been a ramen boom in Australia, and the amount of ramen shops has been increasing!!
This is perfect for me because ramen happens to be my most favourite food in the world!
Recently my home club also went through a menu change…and now it includes Shoyū ramen (soy sauce base)!!
I had it yesterday and was amazed to how good it was.
Looks like I will be eating lunch more often at the club house now…

Coca-Cola life

I’ve always loved Coke since I could remember!!
I know as an athlete it’s not the best drink…but I can’t help it…
But in the past months they brought out the “Coca-Cola life” which is known to be a lot healthier compared to the standard ones.
The taste is slightly different but is still amazing!
Probably one drink I could never give up…



Recently I have been eating biltong instead of snacks.
Biltong is a South African beef snack, a lot like beef jerky except a lot softer and more delicious!
They are high in protein so whenever I feel like I need to eat something, I go straight to these.
You can get them at most butchers in Australia, so if anyone comes, it’s definitely worth a try!!




Last night I arrived at Himeji.
Today, after I finished my golf-related work, I am currently in a Shinkansen on my way to Yokohama.
One of my favorite things about coming to Japan, Bento!
So when I had the chance to buy some Bento boxes, so I ended up buying two!
I think this Bento culture in Japan is amazing!