New Woods!!!

Yesterday my new woods arrived from Taylormade!!
I’ve been playing with many tour pros who use it, and the distances they are getting with it was unbelievable which convinced me to get it for myself.

Today I hit some shots on the range with it and was stunned to see how powerful the flights were!
High launch with low spin is what every professional wants and this club effectively produced the perfect flight.

This is definitely a huge advantage by having these clubs in the bag!!
Thank you so much to Taylormade Golf for sending these new weapons!

New Driver!!

My new TaylorMade M1 Driver arrived a few days ago, just in time for my next tournament!
I can’t believe how long this driver goes, even into the wind thanks to the low spin technology.
It’s amazing to see how much club technology has grown over the years as this club allows you to adjust loft, lie angle, trajectory and shape!!
I can’t wait to use this new weapon next week!!!


New 2Iron and SW

Yesterday my new 2 iron and Sand Wedge arrived from Japan!

Previously when I went to Japan, I had a meeting with Mr Miura in regards to 2iron and SW designs.
Seeing them in my hands is like a dream come true!!
I already practiced with them and my 2 iron goes unbelievably well, which I have already decided to put in my bag for the next event.

The sand wedge design is also perfectly as I wanted, making it look so good when I set up to the ball. Not only that but the performance is also brilliant!!!

I am so excited to be using these clubs more, and cannot thank Mr Miura enough for the amazing clubs he always makes.

New 2Iron & SW

New bag!!

Yesterday my new bag and head-covers arrived from Under Armour!
I seriously love this simple logo design!
Thank you so much Under Armour for your constant support!

Today I will be leaving Japan to fly back to Australia.
I will have a couple days to practice before I fly out to Papua New Guinea for the first event of this month!
Its going to be interesting to see what kind of place it is, and how the golf courses are!



Yesterday I went to Miura Giken, and met the Chairman and President, who had been looking after me previously!
I was able to talk to him about my 2 iron design to replace my hybrid, and even had the opportunity to watch him make my next wedges!
I believe the irons that he makes are the best in the world!
There is no doubt to why pro golfers around the world knows him as “Gods Hand”.
I can’t thank him enough for always making my amazing irons!
I am truly lucky to be able to use clubs that Mr Miura (Gods Hand) has made for me!