Off to New Caledonia!

Today I am flying to New Caledonia for the annual South Pacific Open!
My neck is a lot better as I can hit balls without feeling pain.
Hopefully it will be 100% recovered by Wednesday!

Other than the golf, I’m really looking forward for the French food…especially the baguettes!
So much to look forward to!


Off to Sydney!

Today I am traveling to Sydney via Quantas Airlines, an Australian airline well known for its safety!
It’s always good to know your on some safe wings!

This week I will be playing in the NSW Open Championship down in Sydney.
My golf is feeling good, so I am really looking forward to playing in it!

Off to Sydney

In Kalgoorlie!

In-Kalgoorlie2Yesterday after our 6 hour long drive, we finally arrived!

Although the road felt like it was just in one straight line forever, we were able to see the horizon all round!

If anyone is going to Kalgoorlie from Perth, I definitely recommend using a plane…


Departing for Perth

Today I will be departing the Gold Coast for Perth, to play the WA PGA Championship.

It will take 5.5 hours flying to Perth, then we have to drive for at least 6.5 hours inland from there…and apparently the golf course is in the middle of a desert!
It really amazes me how big Australia is!
This is going to be a loooong trip!