Core/glute activation

Recently I’ve been working on activating my core and glutes at posture to not only help keep at consistent spine angle but to protect my lower back.

A lot of people including myself tend to arch their back at posture, which creates an “S” shape spine that could damage the lower back.
Although it isn’t easy to do as it sounds, I definitely recommend doing it to have a consistent swing and a prolonged golfing career!

Recent swing update

Here’s a look at my recent swing!
Since it rained so much the past few days, the driving range was closed.
This video was taken before all the storms when the weather was perfect!!

Chipping practice

The yesterday the weather was so bad apparently it rained nearly a month worth of rain in just a day!

I did some chipping practice with my wet weather gear on, but I had to take my cap off because water kept dripping down in front of me…

Heres a look at my recent chipping form!!

Putting practice

Putting is currently the strongest part of my game.
I’ve been working a lot of basics such as this drill (putting between two alignment sticks) which gives me a good idea of my club path!
Definitely recommend this to anyone currently struggling and overthinking!

Recent driver swing

Here’s a look at my recently improved driver swing!!
For those who know my swing well, the rhythm and timing would look a lot more ‘on time’ with my hands and body!!
Still needs more improvement, but slowly progressing!!