Q-schoolWent to Melbourne to play Q-school (Qualifying Tournament) for the PGA tour of Australia. I made it through and got my Tour Card for 2014!

On the first day of Q-school, it was very windy and cold at 15 degrees with winds blowing at 43kph!
I had to wear long sleeves and the tip of my fingers were freezing!
However, on the 3rd day of Q-school,  it was windy, but extremely hot being 40 degrees!

4 bottles of water wasn’t enough for the round…
In 2 days the temperature changed 25 degrees, something that would never happen in Japan!

Playing golf in Melbourne is probably the most difficult thing, the weather changing literally all the time!


qt0Sorry about the late blog update!
I flew into Japan about 10 days ago to play in the Japan 2nd stage QT (Qualifying Tournament) at Arima Royal Golf Club, so I can get a tour card for next years Japan Golf Tour.

I shot -3, -6, +2, -3 for a total of -10 to tie for 11th place. At first, I was worried if I was going to be able to make it through, because I wasn’t feeling well and I didn’t know the level of the QT in Japan.

It wasn’t my best golf, but I’m quite relieved that I was able to play my own golf as I imagined.

It was the first tournament in a while (because Australian tour is off season), and I really able to enjoyed it!

I am playing in a Japan tour event next month, so I will be going back to Australia to tune up and prepare for it!

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