Photoshoot2Today I had a photo shoot for the newspaper!

I have known this cameraman since I was about 10 years old so I was really able to relax!

Hopefully the photos I took today make me look more handsome haha!



Met the World Boxing champion!

Yesterday, my personal trainer Mr Kevin Yamazaki introduced me to the world boxing champion, Mr Takayama!

The things he taught me during our short conversation was something I will keep in my mind throughout my professional career.

One of the most important things he taught me was “There is no limit to what a person can do. As long as you don’t make limits to yourself, you can always continue to become stronger”.

These words will forever remain in my heart, and hopefully one day I can become a great champion like him in the golfing world!

Thank you very much Mr Takayama so teaching me such a valuable lesson, and also Mr Yamazaki for introducing me to a great champion!


Raining again~

Raining-again2It’s raining again!

It seems like Japan is in the “Tsuyu” season again, and the driving range is starting to become a lake…

These two are teaching professionals from Azamino golf garden.

I have known them since I was little, and they had always made the driving range a much more fun and brighter place to be!

Thank you always Mr Taniai and Serizawa!



I am honored to introduce the newest member of Team Kota, the company “Swans”.

Swans produces high quality eyewear that even top players such as Ryo Ishikawa love to use.
I have known of this company for a while, and I was fascinated to how great the quality of product they make!

The frame fits very well, enabling the sunglass to be stable when swinging the club.
Moreover, the lenses were so clear and easy to see through, which helps me focus during the round, while protecting my eyes from harsh UV rays.

I am very happy and thankful for what Swans is doing for me, and hope to repay them in the future with my golf!