Putting practice

Putting is currently the strongest part of my game.
I’ve been working a lot of basics such as this drill (putting between two alignment sticks) which gives me a good idea of my club path!
Definitely recommend this to anyone currently struggling and overthinking!


After I played the QLD PGA Championships, I got straight back into my daily training routine.
I have been doing some workouts to prepare for the upcoming events in April, where the first event will be held in Papua New Guinea!
After a few months off training to travel and play tournaments, my body still does feel out of shape but hopefully can get my fitness levels back to where it was within these few weeks!


Peter Senior


I got the chance to play with Australian Golfing Legend Mr Peter Senior!

I have known him since I was a junior and he has always been a great mentor to me.
He has taught me many things throughout these years, but I still can’t get over how much of an amazing ball striker he is.
Whether he is on course or practice range, his ball flight control (height, distance etc) are identical each time.

I know that in order to become a worldwide player, I have to at least be able to hit it as consistently as he does.
Shows that I have a long way to go!


Shot -8!

Today I shot my best score on my home course, -8!
I played great with 7 birdies, 1 eagle and one bogey!
After my round I checked to see if it would be the course record, only to find out that Peter Senior (who also practices here during off season) shot -9…
I still have a long way to go!!!

Spikey stretch ball

Recently I’ve been using these spikey balls for stretching.
These are really good as it pinpoints the sore areas.
All you need to do is place it under the sore area and apply some of your body weight and make small movements to find the exact spot.
These balls are widely used by Australian athletes!!