Golf Getaway Tv Shoot!

Golf-Getaway-Tv-Shoot1Today we had a Tv shoot for a golf show called “Golf Getaway”.
We started filming at 6am, when it was 12°c…too cold..

Other than that we had a very relaxed and fun time taking shots from various places on the golf course!

Its going to be on channel One in September so keep your eyes peeled!!






New start with Callaway

I have officially made a contract with Callaway Golf!

From now on, taking pride as a Callaway Staff player, I want to follow my dreams one step at a time.  My career has only just started.

I would like to become a bigger golfer along with Callaway.

New start with Callaway

Callaway photoshoot

Callaway-photoshoot1Today I had a Callaway photo shoot for the media.

It was raining so heavily with lightning flashing, and there was even a river running down the fairway.

I am flying back to Australia tonight!

I will see you all in a few weeks time when I return for the Tokai Classic in October!!




Golf No Shinzui(ゴルフの真髄)

深堀圭一郎プロとゴルフの真髄収録時に撮影Played golf with pro golfer Fukabori Keiichiro while I was in Japan for a Golf TV Show.

The show is called “Golf No Shinzui”.

It is a really fun show to watch so make sure to check it out!!


5月25日(土) と 6月1日(土) の午前11:00から