Putting practice

Putting is currently the strongest part of my game.
I’ve been working a lot of basics such as this drill (putting between two alignment sticks) which gives me a good idea of my club path!
Definitely recommend this to anyone currently struggling and overthinking!

Recent driver swing

Here’s a look at my recently improved driver swing!!
For those who know my swing well, the rhythm and timing would look a lot more ‘on time’ with my hands and body!!
Still needs more improvement, but slowly progressing!!

New Woods!!!

Yesterday my new woods arrived from Taylormade!!
I’ve been playing with many tour pros who use it, and the distances they are getting with it was unbelievable which convinced me to get it for myself.

Today I hit some shots on the range with it and was stunned to see how powerful the flights were!
High launch with low spin is what every professional wants and this club effectively produced the perfect flight.

This is definitely a huge advantage by having these clubs in the bag!!
Thank you so much to Taylormade Golf for sending these new weapons!


Recently I’ve been seeing a new coach who teaches not only PGA Tour Australia players but also Japan and European tours.

We’ve been working on loading my weight into my back leg which will help me hit the ball more consistently with a shallower attack angle.
Not only my Driver distance increased, but my consistency is the best it has ever been!
I will put a video up once I get more used to this new feel!!

Playing with professionals

Recently I’ve been spending a lot of time on course playing with many tour professionals who live locally.
We have been playing a lot of competitive rounds, gathering 8-12 good players and seeing who can shoot the lowest scores consistently.
It is the best way to prepare each other for the upcoming events!!

I think my game has already improved drastically just by doing these rounds with them!!
We’re doing these games once or twice a week, so hopefully my game keeps improving at this steady rate!!