Back to basics

Recently since I’ve been struggling with my iron play, I went back to practicing the basics again.

Just hitting 3/4 pitch shots with 9 Irons on the range really helps me time my body and arms well!!
Now I just need to work this swing all the way up to my driver!


I am currently preparing for next weeks pre-qualifying to compete in the QLD PGA Championship!
Since it’s a narrow course, I’ve been working on my driver control and am currently working on synchronising my arms and body better.
Heres a video of my current progress!!

Mini pineapple…..

Over the years we’ve been growing pineapples at our house, but this has got to be the smallest “full grown” one I’ve seen!!
It was ripe and tasted really sweet as well…but I’m not too sure what happened to its size….

ncoming Storms…

Recently the weather here on the Gold Coast has cooled off a bit, with the peak Summer heat coming to an end.
However…the bad news is that the storm season has arrived…
Usually it is around January but this year it looks like it came a little late.
From Monday onwards theres storms predicted everyday!!

Time to get my wet weather gear back out again!!

Swing rhythm and transition

Recently I’ve been working a bit on basics with my swing. During tournaments I had a tendency to get really quick with my transition, ruining my body and arm timing causing unnecessary miss shots.

To counter this, during practice I’ve been swinging with 1/2 power, making sure I complete my backswing before I rotate into the ball.

My ball striking has improved so much after doing this!!
I have some events coming up in March so I’ll definitely be doing this for preparation!